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S4E01 - Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems

Join me in this insightful episode as I delve into the intricate world of fault tolerance in distributed systems. In an era where our reliance on distributed systems is ever-growing, understanding how these systems handle and recover from failures is paramount.

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S3E22 - Lift and Shift: An Essential Guide

فهاد الحلقة غندويو على Lift and Shift شنو هيا ولاش كيصلاح و الاجبابيات و السلبيات ديالها

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S3E21 - Leaderless replication

فهاد الحلقة غندويو على Leaderless replication شنو هوما ولاش كيصلاحو و كفاش كيخدم و الاجبابيات و السلبيات ديالو و الفرق بينو وبين single-leader replication و Multi-leaders replication

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